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Thousands of Australian Children have grown their confidence with
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How to Double Your Child’s Confidence in 90 Days Guaranteed – Try  4 Weeks
For Just $49.90 plus Free Uniform. 
(Uniform normally $ 150)!
Three Easy Steps to Get Started:

1. Check the class schedule to see which days suit you.

2. Click the button below to go through to our payment page to purchase your trial offer. (don't worry it is secure and we have a money back guarantee)

3. We will call to schedule your child's first karate class.

Dear Friend,

If You're a caring Parent and your child is experiencing any of the following:

 - Suffers from shyness
 - Lacks Confidence
 - Has Low or No Coordination
 - Is not sure how to join an established group
 - Has trouble making friends at school or in the playground
 - Doesn't enjoy team sports or group activities.

Then you need to hear Rosa's story.

Rosa was in a similar position. Her son wasn't interested in main stream sports or activities, he was painfully shy, wouldn't hold his head high and look people in the eye. He really lacked confidence and Rosa knew that something needed to be done now!
And things were only getting worse, in fact, just before Rosa brought him to White Wolf Martial Arts his low confidence was spiraling out of control. She knew that if it continued like this it would affect his results at school and he would find it hard to make new friends as easily as other children.
Rosa knew that karate or other martial arts was a possible option, but didn't know which school martial arts school to choose. 
But it was finding the right karate school and instructor that now allows Rosa to never worry about those things ever again!
Now Rosa's son has grown in confidence so much that he now has a healthy balanced life and he excels at anything he tries his hand at and is very good at team sports. His school grades are great and he is now one of the more popular kids in school. He is now a teenager and a brown belt in karate and has a goal to be a sport physiotherapist when he finishes school.
And you have a great opportunity to share these benefits with your child too!

But this is a limited opportunity only available to those parents who act quickly as our classes fill quickly and we don't want you to miss out once the vacancies are gone. 
We have vacancies available at:

Carnes Hill: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6 pm at the new Carnes Hill Community Centre, 
600 Kurrajong Rd, Carnes Hill (same building with the library)

Cecil Hills: Monday and Wednesday  at 6 pm at Cecil Hills Primary School, entrance from Sandringham drive, Cecil Hills

Bonnyrigg Heights: Tuesday 5.45 pm, Thursday at 6 pm, Friday 4.45pm, Saturday 10.45 am at Bonnyrigg Heights Primary School, Cnr Wilson Rd and Lewis St, Bonnyrigg Heights

Prairiewood Community Centre: Tuesday  5pm at Prairiewood Community Centre, Restwell Rd, Prairiewood (next to the basketball courts)

Prairiewood Leisure Centre: Saturday 12.55 pm at Prairiewood Leisure Centre, Cnr Prairie Vale Rd & Moonlight Road, Prairiewood

Wetherill Park: Wednesday and Friday 5pm and 5.30 pm at Smithfield West Primary School, Wetherill St, Wetherill Park (entrance from Charles Street)

Cecil Hills Community Centre: Monday and Wednesday 7.30 pm (teenagers classes only), Sandringham drive, Cecil Hills

We have 4 weeks confidence Building Kids Karate Classes + a FREE Karate Uniform for Only $49.90 so that you can come and check us out.
(Uniform is valued at $150)

So, here's the clear instructions of what you need to do next:

Step 1. Check the class locations and schedule to see that you can actually get to one of our classes.

Step 2. Click on the button below which will take you through to our payment page. Don't worry, it is secure and we do offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you think our classes will not help your child in any way.

Step 3. We will call to schedule your first class and get your child started.
See What Other Parents Are Saying...
Androulla Kassiotes
"I started my girls in White Wolf Martial Arts to build their confidence and to learn important skills while having fun. They were so shy, getting them to talk to anyone outside their family circle was near impossible. A year later, they have really come out of their shell and love going to karate."
Anny Thepmany
"My daughter was shy and not confident around her peers. Now she has just completed her grading to her green belt. Her confidence and enthusiasm towards karate and mixing with her peers has improved 100%. I will tell anyone who will listen that White Wolf Martial Arts is great for building confidence in your child."
Ruza Boric
" My son lacked the confidence at Pre-school to socialise properly and ended up acting out. White Wolf Martial Arts has helped him focus and learn acceptable behavior in a fun environment, as a result his self confidence has sky rocketed and he is now thriving at school. What a difference a year makes! Thanks White Wolf Martial Arts!"
Some of the Many Benefits of White Wolf Martial Arts...
With the reward system we use and the way our highly trained instructors teach and interact with your child, confidence will definitely improve. In fact 98% of our parents have said they have seen improvement in confidence in their child.
Focus & Concentration
We have actually designed specific drills to improve focus and concentration and every 6 weeks there will be a class themed on this.
It is very important that we make the classes fun so that your child is actually excited about attending each week. This way they will stick at it longer and gain more and more benefits from the program. Each class actually finishes with a benefit filled drill that the students love.
Take Advantage of Our Amazing Trial Offer Now!
4 Weeks + Free Uniform Only $49.90
(Uniform normally $150)
How many classes can I attend??
The trial is 4 weeks and you can attend as many classes as you want for this trial.

What are the fees after the trial?
After the trial the classes are between $12 and $15 a class depending on which option you take. Even cheaper on some options.

When do I get the Uniform?
You will get the uniform at your first class, so please come 10 min before so you can fit it on.

What do we bring to class?
All you need to bring is a bottle of water for the drink break. we have the uniform there and we train in bare feet.